Inside this Taiwan Log
Intensive campaigning
The joke is that, long before we landed on Taiwan, one could already felt the intensity of the then on-going presidential election campaigning.

Just take a look at the newspapers advertisements put up by the candidates.

I don't denied the fact that one of the motives of this trip was to see for myself the colours and vibrancy of the Taiwanese election campaigning.

During the run-up to the D-Day, it was a common sight to see both the KMT and DPP campaigning intensively for the hearts of the voters.

Be it, the television, the newspapers or the banners and flags bearing the images of the candidates, you just couldn't avoid that how intense was the election.

The fact is you never see these at home, especially making use of the mainstream media for campaigning (a strict NO-NO)

激 烈的竞选,拉票


两派充分地利用主流媒体来拼选举,我想这是很难在咱这 里看到的状况

Headlines hogging the elections news 重点报道两派选举消息 DPP's electoral advertisement 民进党的文宣广告
KMT's electoral advertisement 国民党的文宣广告  
KMT's TV advertisement 国民党电视广告 DPP's TV advertisement 民进党电视广告
At Ilan county 在宜兰县 At Ping-tung county 在屏东县

"Stomach is STARVING for too long, Vote for Ma Ying-Jeou, Messed up for the past 8 years, it's time for a change"

DPP's opposition to recognize to Mainland (China) 's education qualification

campaigning side-by-side “平起平坐"的竞选
Spotted this poster at a remote Bus stop at Ping-tung county 在屏东县的一个偏远车站找到这幅海报 The only huge size poster I can found of Frank Hsieh

In the midst of rally preparation
As mentioned, I was fortunate enough to be at Kaoshiung's Dream Mall where KMT was staging their final major rally in this part of the island known to be a DPP stronghold.

At least, I get to see how the preparation for such huge gathering was done, from the stage coordinating to the arrangement of the chairs and the seating arrangement.


真是一个不简单的任务, 从影响,影像,舞台的布景,灯光等等等,一点都不马虎!!



Me posting in front of the stage...

Boom,Boom.. Blue thumping!!
Barely 6pm, firecrackers started to light up the sky of Taipei.

It was announced that KMT's Ma Ying-Jeou had been elected to be the next ROC president, having scored a thumping victory over DPP's Frank Hsieh.

轰隆、轰隆。。“马萧‘冻蒜 ’!!”


原来是台湾又变了天- 马英久"冻蒜"(台语指当选的意思)了,而支持者就当街燃放烟火,缏炮来助兴.


TV Screenshot after the Ma's win 马萧“冻蒜”后的电视画面

I didn't mean anything but..
the police were certainly well-prepared with this barred wire (located near the Presidential Palace), in case any post-election violence occurred like four years back..



The words"人民"meaning "people" is BIGGER than the (2) of us, as Ma Ying-Jeou and Vincent Siew thank the support in this KMT advertisement, "Moving off from appreciation", "Starting off from a humble note" as mentioned in the smaller print. (2) is being the number represented by both Ma and Siew.

Taking Metro in Taipei
It seems like whenever I got a chance to take a subway, metro or whatsoever it's named in their city, I can't help but snapped a few pictures of this transporting system (probably, because I'm in this line?)

是职业病的驱使吧?觉得每当到一个大都会都免不了在当地的捷运(或称 “地铁”)拍下些照片
Just a shot of a street in Taipei from the metro platform 台北的道路 - 摄于捷运站的月台 Just don't be the odd-man-out by standing on the left-sside of the escalator 如不要被“吊”,请勿靠左
Wiring Up Taiwan
Another I amazed about Taiwan is the internet accessibility in some unconventional places, so that I need not have to clear my emails when i came home :P

Example: on the left, got my Dopod hooked to a wifi network along Love River.

就有如咱的wireless@SG, 台湾也有不少地方让网路发烧友随时随地上网。


At a halfway stop along the expressway.在一个中途站

At Taipei Train Station 在台北火车站